Painted leather jackets

by Von Ramone


  Hello, and welcome to Painted Leather Jackets.
I have been painting clients' leather jackets for more than 15 years.  Over that time my customers' requests have increased in variety, always keeping me interested in new projects. Please have a look through the website for some ideas on how I might bring your vision to the back of a leather jacket.  
My first piece of work was Iron Maiden's The Trooper on the back of a leather jacket, which you can see below, and is still one of my most popular requests.

Although I usually paint on leather, most surfaces can be painted on as long as they can be suitably prepared.  If you'd rather hang something on the wall I also paint on more traditional media like  paper and board.

I paint a broad range of subjects from album art to aeroplane nose art and pin ups by way of custom designs.  
If you can't see what you want here that just means that no-one else has asked me to paint it for them yet. 
Be the first.

You can also follow my work on  or Instagram as paintedleatherjackets

Get in touch by emailing me at:

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